About Fit2Go

Fit2Go was established in June 2016 by two best friends who were looking to create a product which would become a world leader in wheel and tyre safety technology. Whilst investigating tyre pressure management systems we realised that despite the great benefits of the systems, the huge market potential was not being addressed.  The Fit2Go system was created to provide a simple and easy solution to the market place.

About MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS)

In March of 2017 the Fit2Go system was rebranded by MICHELIN, thus producing the new MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) which offers a more simple, attractive low cost system to the market.

Distributed by Fit2Go, MICHELIN'S Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) is a user friendly, wireless device which improves tyres and consequently driver safety across most vehicle types - whether you're driving a caravan, trailer, car or van, the dashboard receiver will automatically detect the tyre sensors and monitor information in real time.  A separate pressure checker allows you to measure tyre pressure anywhere at anytime.

The system has a variety of benefits:-

  • NO need for pairing of sensor to receiver (even with replacement sensors).
  • NO need for expensive LCD Display
  • NO need for displaying actual tyre pressure values
  • NO need for inputting tyre pressure values
  • NO need for assigning sensors to wheel locations (no NF / OF / NR / OR)
  • NO need for buttons on the receiver (except wake up button when first fitting).
  • NO need for wires, batteries, car chargers, USB connectors on the receiver, etc.
  • NO need for assembly either by expensive screen attachment arms.
  • NO need for taking space on the dashboard.
  • NO need for a “call centre” to answer set up questions !

The MICHELIN device offers a simple and reliable way of saving fuel, saving tyres and saving money!


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