This tyre safety system is an ideal fit for light commercial vans, ambulances, minibuses, trailers , 3.5T vehicles and plant fleets.   The system is already being utilised within a number of key fleets throughout the UK.


The beauty of the system is that it can be fitted by anyone in a few minutes and it also generates very good commercial returns with a quick payback on the purchase of the system over a period of time.  The long term financial gains are even better, with savings on items such as:

  • Fuel - less increased life with pressures being monitored, for leakages and possible blowouts.
  • Vehicle Breakdowns -it's reported that tyres attribute to 30% of breakdowns of which 90% is pressure related.
  • Labour costs - attending breakdowns for punctures & speeding up of tyre check process, which can be done in seconds with our additional revolutionary contactless pressure checker.
  • Vehicle downtime.
  • Insurance Costs -possible reduced premiums with tyre pressures being monitored,  it's a fact that incorrectly inflated tyres account for 9% of fatal accidents & 41% of serious road injury accidents.
  • Court costs & Legal representation, should the worse scenario occur.
  • A driver could be fined up to £2500.00 plus 3 points on their licence for under inflated tyres.

This is without the additional safety & environmental benefits of the system.
With the incorporation of our “Search and Assign" patented technology into the MICHELIN unit, additional items such as plant/trailers/caravans/horseboxes etc. can also have their wheels monitored for tyre safety on the same journey, by fitting the sensors on the tyres they then automatically pair on each separate journey.
This gives the driver the comfort they will be alerted during their journey, if any of their tyres are in distress for loss of pressure, fast leakage or increase in temperature before the tyre blows out. Up to 12 tyres can be monitored on a journey.
Finally, also as part of the MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System there is a revolutionary contactless Tyre Pressure Checker, which allows operators/drivers to check the vehicle/trailer tyre pressures in seconds by simply holding the checker next to the sensor, this transmits the pressure in seconds and without the time consuming connecting of a gauge to the tyre valve, which actually removes air and is un-hygienic.
To view potential commercial savings see our payback calculator which will give you estimated fuel & tyre wear savings by managing your tyres to the correct recommended pressures.
To view safety advise regarding tyre pressures see our MICHELIN tyre inflation document.


To arrange a demonstration of the system please contact Andy Congrave on:  07972899523  or email: