Revolutionary Magnetic Pressure Checker (Know your tyre pressures in seconds)

There may be instances when knowing the exact tyre pressure would be useful. An example would when the driver is about to embark on a long journey or they have a caravan/trailer/horsebox which hasn’t been used for a long period of time.

With the Fit2Go sensors fitted on the tyre, this small hand held device can “wake up” the sensor when simply placed close to it, and in “seconds “receive the current tyre pressure and sensor battery life.
This means no more time consuming, un-hygienic removing of dust caps and the long process of fitting of Tyre Pressure gauges which in some untrained user’s fitment, can result in the loss of even more air pressure, so ultimately meaning that an inflation of the tyre is required after this checking process.
This device can be easily kept in a pocket, placed in the centre console storage area in the car, or clipped into a magnetic holder (which comes with the unit) which can be placed on the dashboard. This is an essential accessory, which integrates simply into the whole Fit2Go TPMS system, for those who wish to be precise on the actual status of tyre pressure.

How to use our Fit2Go Pressure Checker:

NOTE : Expect Design Detail Changes

£ 24.95